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Hey There!

Ok, here's the deal. Sign up for my email list and when I have something cool to share with you -- new book release, story, contest alert, or freebie -- you'll be the first to know, because you'll get a email from me.

If I have a nifty prize or something to send your way, you'll get an email from me. 
And that's it.
I promise.
I know my limits.

You won't be getting any SPAM, unless you drive down to your local grocery.

You can count on it.

I hate wading through junk emails. I hate signing up for something and then getting 18 emails a day. I can't find the "unsubscribe" link fast enough.

I'd rather play in traffic. I'm guessing you feel the same way.

Signing up for my email list makes you a "Friend of the Cause" and to thank you I will be sending you a free Lovecraftian short story, filled with sweaty paranoia and delusion -- you know, the good stuff. 

I wrote it just for you! Enjoy!

All the best,

Tom Lucas
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